Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wrap Up Warm

I've just read the life changing advice that women should wrap up this winter when they party as they are more at risk from illness in skimpier clothes. Is today that slow a news day? This is not ground breaking news, now is it?

I've started to plan my New Year's Eve outfit of a mini skirt, strappy top and boots. I will be snuggly wrapped up in my beanie, mittens and Bradford City scarf because, while the winter is milder "dahn sarf", I'm still bloody cold.

Anyone who goes out without a coat is daft in my books. You don't tend to see it so much in London but up in Yorkshire it's rare to see people out on the lash wearing a coat. You see, we just don't like having to pay money for someone to watch our coat. Nor do we like lugging it round all night.

I used to work in the coat room of a nightclub in Bradford. I used to get through so many books and never took enough coats to cover my wage but it was an easy job nonetheless. Plus, my friend worked on the bar next to the cloakroom and he'd slip vodka in to my free soft drinks. In some ways I miss working there.

Then again, when I put my coat, stuffed in my bag, stuffed in my bloke's coat pocket, into coat rooms in London (some Northern habits die hard) I still add up how much of a pint I am wasting by spending that £1. I also add up the time I will waste at the end of the night waiting to get my coat back because I always lose my ticket, without fail.

It was suggested once, by a lovely coatroom man, that I slip it into my bra and that, should no shennanagins happen, I will not lose it or forget where I put it. It worked too. If only I could remember to do that all the time.

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