Monday, February 28, 2011

Cheers x

It was confirmed on Friday that I would not be ticking boxes next week, oh no, I would be someone's PA for a week. I have been told by a reliable source that this new boss has been through 5 PA's in the past year and makes them walk her dog. Also, as I thought I'd be ticking boxes all week, I've got tickets for The Red Chord on Sunday night. The singer from my blokes band owes me money for his ticket and I had already assigned that money for beer. It's at the Underworld so drinks won't be that much but I really shouldn't start my first day with a steaming hang over, even if it is for a week.

Plus, I have to meet some people I used to work with on Monday lunch time for a pub dinner. I can't afford that so I'll be ordering a coke and eating my butties back at the office.

I have stocked up on Super Noodles for next week. 39p a bag and you just stick them in the microwave.

Thursday night I went to see Arch Enemy and Strapping Young Lad at the Astoria. I bought my boyfriend the tickets for our sixth anniversary, which was in November. Strapping Young Lad are one of the most entertaining bands I have seen live. No masks, no make up, no costumes, just Devin Townsend and some great metal.

I was never a massive Arch Enemy fan before I saw them on Thursday but I am a convert. I love this woman.

Afterwards, me and the bloke went to the Crobar for a couple of beers and maybe a shot of Jagermeister. After an hour or so we got talking to some people who had been to the show. Then I got approached by a guy who was the drum technician for SYL, he came to tell me that the drummer liked me and would I go talk to him?

Well, me + drinks = charming and witty. So off I went to talk to this drummer, my boyfriend looking very embarrassed in the background, to tell Mr Drummer Man that if he wants to talk to me he should approach me himself and not send over his crew members. I continued that I was here with my boyfriend for our 6th anniversary and am not interested anyway. This, is as he was stood with a few groupies telling him how wonderful he was.

He then asked me where my accent was from, Yorkshire I replied. Please bear in mind I had been drinking for a few hours by this point and I doubt I could string a sentence together. He then told me he was from Bradford and I couldn't quite recall if I had answered his question with Yorkshire or Bradford so proceeded to point at him and lecture him about how it is not funny to take the piss out of someone because of where they come from and I am very proud of Bradford.

Turns out he did used to live in Bradford for a few years and was a regular from the one metal club there, where I worked, and thought he recognised me. Oops.

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