Monday, February 28, 2011

Mini Rant

I live with 5 other people which means there are 6 of us in a five bedroom house. Four of those people are men. As you can probably imagine the place gets a bit messy from time to time so we have a rota system on the go. Each Sunday everyone tidies their allocated area and the communal areas stay reasonably tidy the rest of the week because no one likes cleaning up everyone else's mess.

That's the theory anyway.

Recently, this has not happened. We have got two new house mates, one of which has not really taken to the idea of cleaning each week. Also, if one person doesn't do their job on a Sunday then other people tend not to. So, my house has deteriorated in to scum. Last week I had enough and cleaned the majority of a very large house by myself.

I politely asked everyone to do the last 2 rooms between them and could we please do the rota properly this Sunday. So, two days ago I was expecting everyone to have mops at the ready to clean, polish and tidy the not-so-messy house.

I went off to Camden to buy some hair dye and on my return I found one housemate sat hungover in the living room, surrounded by beer cans and remnants of the previous nights take away. I'm sure he was very relaxed while I cleaned up around him.

Off I went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, but not before I cleaned up all the dirty pots and put them away. As you can guess not one single person did their cleaning and now, as they all depart for clean parental homes for Christmas, I shall spend my Christmas Eve tidying up the mess that they did not have the decency to clean themselves.

I move out in June so I may have gone completely loopy by then but at least in six months I will have a clean place of my own. Except for the boyfriend's mess.

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